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Do you offer a warrantee, and if so, What is does it cover?

We warrantee all frames for life unless it is determined that damage was due to negligence or other means not related to regular use.  Such as it coming off the back of a truck at 55 miles an hour. Also remember,  furniture is not a trampoline.  We also warrantee workmanship such as sewing and general padding for 7 years , this does not include cushions seeing cushions are used differently from piece to piece for instance,  a TV room sectional will wear much faster than a living room sofa or in the case of down filled cushions,  they sag and bag by nature.  I often say, that I “can’t make down, not act like down”.  We do not warrantee Fabric unless the manufacturer has warranted it.

How long does it take you to correct problems?

We strive for zero problems,  however we are also human and at times a problem can arise.  We move them to the front of the line unless circumstances won’t allow, such having to wait for fabric and the like.  At which point we will discuss a reasonable time frame.  If for any reason, our mistake ruins your fabric,  we will replace it at cost!

Do you take credit cards?

We have chosen for the time being not to take credit cards.  The reason is two-fold, First, they take a percentage of your profit, as much as 3.5 Percent.  Many of the jobs we do here are high dollar, and the prospect of giving up that much profit just to offer credit card usage is unacceptable to me, and I can’t justify passing the cost on to my customers.  Second, Credit cards can often tie up your money, especially if there is any kind of dispute.

What is amount of time it takes you to get to and complete a job?   Your lead time.  

This depends a bit on the time of year.  During the Christmas season, lead time stretches out a bit because of the increased volume of work, however usually it is two weeks for re-upholstery and six to eight weeks for custom built furniture. The thing that gets in the way most, is fabric not arriving in a timely fashion.

Do you take small jobs?

Certainly!  Small jobs need the attention of a seasoned professional also.

How long will you hold my furniture after completion?

Ten Days.  After ten days we will begin adding $1 per day per piece, unless otherwise arranged.

What do you need to make a custom piece of furniture?

A good picture with measurements, or a good drawing with measurements.