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Professional Interior Designers Save you Time and Money

Pearce Upholstery provides upholstery services to the Interior Design trade in Orange County. We also work with owners of fine furnishings in home and office settings. Many times, our clients are in need of professional interior design services. Pearce Upholstery is pleased to present professionals in this section as 'tops in their field.' We heartily recommend these Orange County professionals!

"Windows & More by Jackie" Jackie Bouchey (949) 722-2552

"Environs" Doug Johnson (949) 642-6686

"Thoreen Design" Cheryl Thoreen (949)645-1268

"Ampersand" Sandra Ludlow (949)644-0447

"Domus Ex Arte" Shana Woodyard (949) 338-1070

"Zuniga Interiors" Michelle Zuniga (949) 707-9300
ludlow custom furniture
 ludlow custom furniture  

Why Use a Professional Interior Designer?

Consulting with a interior design firm can be a bit daunting for some people. Decorating is in not about imposing ideas and personal taste onto a client. It is about client and designer coming together to create a unique space. Its about helping the client develop their vision while analyzing their design requirements. In the end creating a flexible, functional environment that optimizes your space and relates to your clientele, business, image and location.

Interior Design firms can help you answer important design questions:
  • How will the interior furnishings effect the interior design?
  • What effect will time have on the new design?
  • How does color impact your design?
  • How does each new interior design element relate to the overall scheme?

What are my product and finishing material options?

In many cases, Interior Designers can save you time and money.
Interior design consultants can visualize the overall project and illustrate the effects before they are actually executed. Design Firms can help you determine a budget. This is the primary reason why designers can save you time and money.

Designer Provide Professional Project Management Services Including:


  • They can take on all project management aspects or they can consult with you as you act as general contractor/project manager.
  • This includes coordination of all the trades (electricians, carpenters, architects, engineers) from a scheduling and design standpoint.
  • Handling of ordering and arrival of materials

    Design firms have flexible services. They help you create an image. Interior design consultants have an understanding of the specialized needs of a client. They help clients develop concepts that transform their spaces into an environment that has a unified look. They will work together with you to create a total environment that is warm and inviting to all.
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